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The Power of Presentation Programs

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

It is very difficult when a child finds it hard to write. Every sentence can be agony, every spelling mistake can feel like failure, every letter written the wrong way round is embarrassing.

Tiny just hates writing. He finds it so difficult because of his pencil control. What he does like is making Powerpoint presentations.

This gives him freedom and allows him to be creative.

With Powerpoint, or any presentation program, he can create some wonderful text and add pictures or photos very easily. He can turn just a few short sentences into a fantastic looking book. And the best part of it is, he is learning to be more independent as well as adding to his computer skills.

We started using Powerpoint for newspaper pages. This means we can place images and text where we want on the page - and change our minds if we want to.

This give him a fantastic amount of freedom. And for him the best part is, he doesn't have to stress over writing things down.

We make notes together about what he wants to say in his text first, then he uses this to create some fantastic.

There are a few things you need to set up first if you want to use it to print out your pictures in A4 format.

But all the steps are easy to learn and so worth the effort.

I have put together a short video to so you how to get started. This video was made using Powerpoint. Making films in this way is some Tiny is keen to find out more about.

Not only is using Power Point good for his story writing, it is also great when he wants to add to his topic work. Short pages of text and images can be created and printed out and then added to his books or lapbooks.

But now we have taken power point to the next level.

Tiny is learning how to animate his images on powerpoint, much to his delight. And once his power point about the Vikings is finished, he wants to turn it into a film to put on his Youtube channel.

Why don’t you find out all the wonderful things you can do with power point and help all those reluctant writers out there.

You really will enjoy learning more about presentation programs together. It really is great fun.

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