Gift Challenge

Some great ideas for gifts under £10

Home made gifts are always better than those you can go out and buy

Chocolate Truffles

(Makes 10)

You will need:

100g milk chocolate drops

25g   butter

25g   icing sugar

50g   plain cake - crumbles into fine


4 tbls chocolate sugar strands

  1. Fill saucepan a quarter full of water                                      and heat it until the water bubbles

  2. Put chocolate drops and butter into                                         a bowl

  3. Wearing oven gloves, gently put the bowl into the pan

  4. Stir until melted. Carefully lift the bowl out of the water

  5. Sift the icing sugar into the bowl

  6. Add cake crumbs and stir until you have a very smooth paste

  7. Leave to cool

  8. Spread out the chocolate strands onto a plate

  9. Scoop up some truffle mixture with a teaspoon and using your finger gently shape it into a ball

  10. Put each truffle into a small paper case and store in the fridge.

Sent in by Jessica (9)

Jessica (9)...jpg

Serves: 10 
180g chopped nuts (we like hazelnuts or almonds but pecans are great, too)
200g sugar
250g butter
1 tablespoon golden syrup
60ml water or bourbon
175g chocolate (plain, milk, white - chocolate bars work great here, too - about 6 will do the trick)

mandy Betts.jpg

Prep:5min  ›  Cook:15min  ›  Ready in:20min 
Spread chopped nuts on a baking tin and toast lightly being careful not to burn. Cool.
Put sugar, butter, golden syrup and water into a heavy saucepan and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly. Cook until mixture is golden brown. You can double check mixture with a thermometer if you like - it should read about 150 degrees C.
Working quickly now, pour the mixture onto a baking tray and let it spread out. Top with chocolate - chopped, in chips or whole bars. Wait for a minute or so and spread out to cover toffee. Add nuts and lightly press into melted chocolate with a spoon. Leave to cool for several hours.
When completely cool, break into chunks, cover and store covered in something somewhat airtight. It really isn't too picky as long as it's kept out of humidity.

Recipe from 'All Recipes' Gloria's Beyond Fabulous Toffee

Sent in by ... Alex (6)

Jessica (9).jpg
Jessica (9)..jpg
Jessica (9)...jpg

These lovely truffles were made by Jessica (9)

She has been very busy.       They look yummy

EJ Watson (12),.jpg
EJ Watson (12)..jpg

These fabulous Gift Boxes were made by EJ Watson (12) at a cost of just four pound and fifty pence per box.  Well done in the challenge. I just know everyone will enjoy receiving these boxes.

EJ Watson (12).jpg