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Toilet Roll Crafts

Lot's of fun things to make with toilet rolls.

See what our children have been doing.

Can you add any more to the list?

Some more ideas sent in by Keith McCowen
You just need a chopping board to lean on and a rolling pin or hammer. Put an old tea-towel on the board , then sandwich some flowers and/or leaves between a couple of sheets of paper. Cover with a piece of kitchen roĺl and give it a good hammering.
Pressure printing 2.jpg
pressure printing.jpg
Sent in by Keith McCowen
It's a clean jam jar, cover in Pva and glitter, add a silhouette made from black paper, inside is a colour change LED tea light which are around £2 for a box of 6.
Keith Mccowen.jpg
Shaving cream marbling
  • First, spray a can of economy shaving cream into a shallow tray and spread it out. Squeeze yellow and red paint over the top and mix it in using a paintbrush
  • Then lay a piece of paper onto the top of the foam and carefully lift it off again.

  • Use a scrap piece of card to scrape off the excess shaving cream and let the paper dry

  • Once dry, cut out leaf shapes and use for collage or display

a griffiths 2.jpg
a griffiths 4.jpg
Shape Artwork
A fantastic idea for some very effective artwork.
Use masking tape to lay out your patterns on canvas.
Colour each block a different colour.
While paint is still wet - remove the masking tape.
You could also do this with glitter.
Anyone would be proud to have this on their wall.
Sent in by Dan (15)
Use a couple of different clear plastic lids to draw around to create the shapes. Then, using the same black Sharpie pen colour some of the shapes in.
Dan Posted by Chantelle Brien.jpg
Shouting Dan.jpg
Dan and the wheel.jpg
More Fantastic artwork sent in by Dan (15)
Some great ideas sent in by Keith McCowen
Why not try these at home
Keith Mccowen 2.jpg
Keith Mccowen.jpg
A great idea sent in by Rebecca Farr
Paint your own wizard or witches wand.
Don't they look great.
Rebecca Farr.jpg

Why not try some British Isles themed crafts

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