Our Fantastic work

This is our place to share our work!!!

June Calendar Activities

Tiny drawing wildlife
Phillip studying mini beast on Environment Day
Lily and Phillips cheese day
Lily and Phillips cheese day
Tiny making his first cheese
June 4th Cheese making
Joseph fantastice artwork for June 4
Milk Day fun. and yummy rice pud. Helen England and family
Day 2 Say something nice Elenore
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Our General Gallery

Jeff is getting to be an expert in the kitchen
Emma (11) showing her sowing skills
Wonderful sewing Emma. 11
Another bag Emma made (11)
Kelsey (6)
TJ (7)
TJ (7) Kelsey (6)
Branden (9)
Aleasha (12)
Aleasha. (12)
Aleasha's doggie
Georges and Charlotte
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Science Topics

Our Science Gallery

Sophie (4)
Alex (8)
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Our  Wonderful Lapbooks

TJ (7)
TJ (7)
TJ (7)
TJ (7)
TJ (7)
Space lapbook
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