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Autumn Leaves


Why not try weaving for some great Autumn craft


Autumn Crafts

Red Leaves

Painting With Leaves

You can use leaves as stamps to create beautiful designs on paper. The process is simple, and this is a fun and messy art project for little ones. You'll need a variety of leaves, some paints in autumn colours, brushes, and white paper. A roll of paper towel is also a good idea.

  1. Protect your work surface with an old plastic tablecloth or large garbage bag. Have kids wear art smocks or old clothes.

  2. Pour some tempura paint into dishes and help kids apply the paint to the undersides of various leaves.

  3. Once each leaf is painted, press it down on the paper and then lift up. The leaf's shape will appear on the paper.

  4. Wipe the paint off the leaf with some paper towel and apply another color. Continue making leaf stamps to create your masterpiece.


All you need for these crafts are some air-dry clay and some gems.

You could also try using salt dough instead of clay.

Autumn Leaves

These lovely leaves were made by Phoenix (3) and Neo (1) with the help of their mum.


Batty Bats

Connor 10 made pumpkin spice play dough and then used it to make bats


Autumn Crafts from the McCowen Crew

red ted apples.jpg

Wrapped Wool Apple Craft 

(idea by

  • Cardboard Box (empty cereal box)

  • Wool in desired colours (red and green)

  • Pens (optional)

  • Scissors

Cut an apple shape out of the cardboard, don't forget to add the stem and a small leaf. (you can use a glass to trace round - you don't want the circle too big.  Cut a notch into the edge just under the stem and start the wool there wedging it into place. Now wrap the wool round and round until the cardboard is covered. Tie the wool - leaving a length to hang the apple up with. 

leaves 2.jpg

Autumn Leaf Mobile

  • Thin card cut into the shape of leaves

  • Paint (Autumn colours)

  • Brushes

  • Thin string (fishing line is ideal for this)

  • Long twigs 

  • Tape

Tape the twigs together crossing in the middle to create the framework for the mobile and set aside.

Cut out leaf shapes from the cardboard. Bend each leaf slightly to make it look more like a leaf on the tree. 

Use Autumn colours to paint the leaves and wait till they are dry

Once dry attach string to the leaf and the other end of the string to one of the branches leaving about 15 to 20 cm gap between the twig and the leaf.

Continue with other leaves to create your mobile

Attach string to the middle of the twigs so that the mobile can be hung up.

autumn monsters 1.jpg
autumn monsters 5.jpg

Autumn Creatures

  • cool melt glue gun

  • Pine cones

  • collected Autumn berries - feathers - twigs etc

Create some fantastic magical creatures from items found on your walks through the park.

Be careful when using glue guns. Use a cool melt cool gun where possible, but if you have a hot glue gun always ask an adult to help.

autumn monsters 2.jpg
autumn monster.jpg
autumn monsters 3.jpg
autumn pumpkins 3.jpg
autumn pumpkins.jpg
autumn pumpkins 2.jpg

Wool Pumpkins


A lot of Different coloured wool. (mainly red, orange, yellow)

3 inch piece of cardboard 

A fork



Wrap wool around card or fork till your unable to see either.

Try not to wrap it to tight round the card or fork because you won't be able to get it off.

Once you get the wool off the fork (card), put a piece of wool through the hole in the middle and tie tight.

Once tied,spread out the wool and shape into a pumpkin.

Job done l XxxX 

zoe rudd 7.jpg
zoe rudd 8.jpg
zoe rudd 4.jpg
zoe rudd5.jpg
zoe rudd 6.jpg

Milk Bottle Mobile


An empty milk carton

Felt tip pens

Cut of leaf templates


Wool or string


Hole punch a hole at the top of each leaf and thread some wool or string through the hole.

Attach to a large twin

Now you have you brilliant leaf mobile

zoe rudd 2.jpg
leaf rubbing.jpg
Leaf Rubbing
  • Go out and collect some large leaves. Make sure their not too dry.
  • Put a leaf upside down on the table.
  • Place a piece of paper over the leaf.
  • While holding the paper and leaf in place, use the side of a crayon to rub across the leaf.
  • Try using different colours for each different leaf.
pumpkin 2.jpeg


pumpkin 2.jpeg
bats 3.png
Some Great Pumpkin Carving​
Paper Maché Spiders and Bats
  • Tin Foil
  • Strips of paper (newspaper or tissue work well)
  • Glue
  • Spreader or Brush
  • Masking Tape
  • Paint
bella 3.jpg
bella 4.jpg
  1. First, make a bat or spider shape with the tin foil and then use masking tape to make the model more secure. (You could buy a paper mache bat or spider and skip these next steps and go straight onto the painting).
  2. Next, start to wrap the shape with the strips of paper using lots of glue.
  3. Continue adding the paper strips until all the foil is covered. 
  4. While the glue is still wet, reshape the model until you are happy with how it looks.
  5. Leave your model to dry.
  6. Once dry, paint your model.
For a final touch - use some glow in the dark paint to give a really spooky effect.
dancing ske;atons.png
dancing ske;atons.png
Attack of the Spiders by TJ
just what you can make from things you find around the house and garden
So Antonio (7) finally finished his craft marathon for Halloween
antonio 7.jpg
Scratch Art
  • Black Paint
  • Crayons
  • Card
  • Keys to scratch pattern with
  1. First, cover the card with crayon. Make sure every bit is covered in whatever colours you want.
  2. Next, paint over the crayon with a thin coat of black paint
  3. Finally, when the paint is dry - scratch away the black paint into whatever you want. 

Just like magic your picture appears.
Spooky Paintings
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • silhouettes of witches, bats or anything spooky cut out of black card or black paper.
jo reid 1.jpg
  1. First, paint a night-time background on a large sheet of paper. Leave it to dry.
  2. Next, cut out some spooky images from black paper or card
  3. Finally, place the images carefully on your painting and glue into place.

You now have a very spooky painting.
jo reid 4.jpg
jo reid 3.jpg

Stained Glass Monsters

  • Black card 

  • Tissue Paper torn into strips (Autumn colours)

  • Glue Stick

  • Scissors

  • Googly Eyes

  • Felt Tip Pens

  • Cut the shape - We cut out Frankenstein's monster this time - but it could be a witch, a goblin, a cat, Dracula etc.  (its best that an adult does this)

  • Glue the tissue paper onto the back of the card and repeat until there are no gaps

  • Trim any excess tissue paper around the edges of the card

  • Put the finished stained glass picture on a window for the light to shine through

A Great Selection of crafts from Phillip (6) and Lilly (11)