Life Skills

Some wonderful work showing what we know about life skills

Nicky (9)..jpg
Look at this great supper mel sent in by Nicky...
He wrote out the shopping list and then went out and got all the ingredients.
He cooked this fantastic pasta dish all by himself.
Star Stirrer
Red Thai Curry
A yummy meal fit for a king
It taste better and it cost less than eating out or getting a Take Away
Caroline OSullivan 1.jpg
Sent in by Caroline O'Sullivan and her clever almost teenager aged (12)
This looks so good. It's making me hungry.
How much would this cost to make it for six people?
Caroline OSullivan 2.jpg
Caroline OSullivan 3.jpg
Caroline OSullivan 4.jpg
Safiya 4.jpg
Safiya (12)
Anyone would be really happy to have a fantastic meal like this.
Can you work out how much it would cost per person?
Safiya 2.jpg
Safiya 1.jpg
Safiya 3.jpg
Hannah (12).jpg
A fantastic meal sent in by Hannah (12)
Nut Roast, Roast Potatoes, Yorkshire Puddings with Broccoli, Carrots and Gravy for 6.
So much amazing food.
Such a great way to work out cost per person.
Hannah (12) 5.jpg
Hannah (12)1.jpg
Hannah (12)2.jpg
Hannah (12) 3.jpg
Hannah (12) 4.jpg
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