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I Can

Numeracy Statements for Year 1 to Year 3

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I Can

Numeracy Statements

Year 4 to Year 6


I Can

Literacy Statements for Reception to Year 4


I Can

Literacy Statements for

Year 5 and 6


I Can

ICT Statements

for Year 1

I Can

ICT Statements

for Year 2


Year's 1 to 6 Numeracy targets tick list.

Year's 1 to 6 Literacy

targets tick list.

Timetable Cards

Let the children work out their own timetable for the week. Here are a few cards to give you some ideas.

List taken from the National Curriculum England


Year 5/6

List taken from the National Curriculum England

KS1 mindmap pic.png

Some basic mind-maps for the younger ones to plan their story.

KS2 mindmap pic.png

Slightly more detail needed for these mind-maps

Storyboard pic.png

Why not try some story-boards instead?

blank comic pic.png

Its always fun to make your own comic. Here are some blank templates.

numbers 1.png

Some handy numbers. Print out on card - or laminate to use over and over

arrow cards.png

These are great for place value work and for extending number understanding.

fraction arrows.png

Why not try some story-boards instead?

multiplication grid.png

These are 100 grids with a difference. Highlighted multiplications.


Small unit of work for children 5+ on measures

Faded Shapes

Visual Timetable

Free e-book collection of visual
time-table cards for you to print out
front cover cook book_edited.png
recipe book 2 front page.png
recipe book 3.png
front cover.png
A free complete literacy plan for you to print out.
Some Kitchen Science for the Kids
Do you want to know how
to make fizzy lemonade?
How can you make an egg float in water?
Angry Earth. Make an erupting volcano ...
What happens when you mix oil and water?
Make exploding paint
planner 1.png
Planner 2.png
Planner 3.png
Planner 4.png
Planner 5.png
picture daily planning.png