About me.

Hi, just a bit about me and why I started this site.

I was very happily married with three grown children and three grandchildren.

Unfortunately, my husband passed away at the beginning of 2021 from cancer. This made home-educating very difficult. But it did allow Tiny (my grandson who lives with me) an opportunity to learn a lot about life and death and caring for a loved one.

My children all had problems with learning when they were at school, as they all had dyslexia. Although at the time I helped them as much as I could, I never had the confidence to trust my instincts. I thought teachers knew so much more about how to help my children than I did. I almost believed the teachers when they said my children were unable to learn. I almost believed the teachers when they said my children were just lazy. Almost, but not quite. 

It was then that I decided to study to become a teacher. I wanted the confidence to help them. I was more surprised than anyone when I passed after four years of studying, and not only that, I passed with honors. A working-class girl, who had left school at 15 with not one qualification to her name. Now - a Teacher!

I have always loved working with children and watching them grow and learn. I have a very good understanding of the National Curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage. This knowledge I want to pass on to you. I want to give you the confidence, and the ideas to help your child learn.

Unfortunately, I have had to give up working with children in my role as a teacher after finding out that my husband had cancer. My main job became being his carer. And it did give me the opportunity to start to home educate my grandson.

 I still have the need and desire to help children learn. 


I home-educate my grandson. This wasn't something we have taken on lightly. My grandson seemed to enjoy school, he wasn't being bullied or anything like that which would cause my son to want to take him out. The fact is the school system is not right for him. He has cerebral palsy which affects his right side, GDD, ADHD, dyspraxia, and dyscalculia.

We were very happy to get him into a mainstream school when he started reception. But as the years went on it was very clear that he was falling further and further behind with his work. His concentrations span is very limited and he has a lot of trouble with Numeracy and Literacy. In fact, when we took him out of school, when he was almost 8, he was not much further on that Reception level understanding.

I do not blame the school in any way for this. Because of his cerebral palsy, he has a lot of other related issues - lack of focus and concentration being just one of them.

 We were lucky because the school he attended was a very good one, and they did their best to address his needs. But school wasn't the right place for him. He just needs to go right back in his learning and take it at his own pace.

I started this website at first because I wanted to pass on to others the joy of seeing children learn. Now, the website will be a tool for me to pass onto others what I can to help every child. None of us wants to see our children struggle.

I hope you visit often. I will be adding new things all of the time as I start my journey into being an educational writer and a home educating nan.


Fishing is great for girls too

As you can see my main hobby is fishing.

My Qualifications:

I have been a Primary School Teacher since 1998 and have worked with all ages from Nursery to Year Six.

I have also been a registered childminder for 3 years, looking after children from 3 months to 5 years old.

I hold a BEd which I gained at university after 4 years of study.

I hold a MaST qualification which means I am a specialist maths teacher. From this qualification I have a very good understanding of how children learn maths from pre-school age upwards.

While I was registered as a childminder, I studied the EYFS and have a good understanding of this.

Having fun with children is the way they learn