Winter crafts

Ideas to Steal

Christmas Presents

Why not make some wonderful bookmarks for 

Christmas presents for your loved ones.


Christmas Twig Tree 


Collect some twigs and search for things around the house to make a wonderful Twiggy Christmas tree.

Sent in by Jojo Benson

Bird Feeders 


You need to go pinecone hunting.. Warm them on a radiator for a few days to open them out. Smear peanut butter (or lard if a nut allergy) then roll in birdseed and hang in a tree outside with string. Then keep an eye out for birds and refill as necessary. We've done it as a create your own save the birds secret mission, as presents for friends this year.

Sent in by Shellie Crossland Poulter

Shellie Crossland Poulter (5).jpg

Decorative Gift Jars 


250ml glass /plastic bottles. Decorate the outside with images, ribbons and felt.

  (put sweets or glass stones inside) 
Give as a gift to someone special

Sent in by Vee Walsh

Decorative Mosaic  Baubles

Here's one to try if you don't like glue and messy stuff. This felt kit is pre-backed with tape so that you can peel off and paste the mosaic as you would like.

If you don't mind a bit of mess - You can cut the bauble out of stiff card. Cut out some small mosaic square out of colourful paper (or felt) and glue them down.

Sent in by Georges


Paint and fill your own baubles 


I's so nice to see handmade baubles on the Christmas tree. You can paint some of your own - or you can buy the empty baubles and fill them with lot's of colourful bits and pieces

Sent in by Bella and Beau

Festive Cookies


Charlotte and Georges made these beautiful cookies. Why not try some yourself. There are plenty of recipes online.

Or why not try making some mini mince pies like Bella and Beau.

Yummy treats are always good.

Charlotte and Georges_edited.jpg

Fabric Baubles 

Scraps of pretty fabric can make these wonderful fabric baubles. Check out the Youtube video for full instructions. They all had great fun making these.

Sent in by Jue Light

Advent Calendar  

Mini parcels make this wonderful advent calendar. All filled with a sweet. Wonderful.

Sent in by Mary Haynes

Mary Haynes.jpg

Painted Pottery Christmas Decorations  

These decorations have been painted beautifully and will look great on any tree.

Sent in by Jo Jo Spikes

JoJo Spikes_edited.jpg

Jam Jar Lantern

Simple jam jar lantern, using squares of coloured cellophane

(tissue paper would work just as well )

Place a small battery light inside for

full effect

Sent in by Keith 

Hand Print Wreath

Make a handprint wreath. You just need green card.

Draw around your hand and cut out the shape

Make you hand cut-outs into a circle and stick together.

Add pom-poms and glitter to decorate.

Sent in by Jessica (9)

Terrific Toilet Roll Craft

Just look at what you can do with toilet rolls for your Christmas art.

These were sent in by Faith (7) and Daniel (9)

Santa on a sleigh with Reindeer

Print a picture then draw it out on wood.

Then paint it .

Use felt, Glue, Paint and glitter to decorate.

By Jessica (9)

Christmas Mobiles  

Today we made mobiles.
You could make a Christmas version by adding some Holly or evergreens, add some cloves etc

By Joseph age 12

Toilet Roll Stars and Salt Dough Ornaments

Today we made a toilet roll star. It was great fun. Just cut your toilet roll into eight and paint each piece. Wait till it dries, then arrange them into a star shape and apply lots of glue. Then add glitter.

For the salt dough you need 2 cups of flour to 1 cup of salt. Add up to 1 cup of water a bit at a time.

Make your shapes and then pop them in the oven on a very low heat for about two hours until dry.

By Tiny aged 8

Christingle Display

Jessica age 9 has made a Christingle made from an orange,

wooden sticks, sweets, snowman candle and tinsel. 

Sent in by Jessica (9)

Mini Village

Make some boxes out of nets and don't forget the roof. Draw doors and windows. 

Make a backdrop and add some cotton wool for snow.

Sent in by Tiny

Lovely easy Christmas Card and calendar Ideas

These lovely cards were made by Finley (6) and Lily (5)

Finley (6).jpg
Finley and Lilly..jpg
Finley and Lily.jpg

Today Nicky (8) is learning about world wide Christmas traditions. Here is his lantern.

6 meter lanterns are lit by electric bulbs the Saturday before Christmas Eve in the Philippines.

Daisy (8) and Grayson (5) did not want to forget the reindeer this Christmas.

Wonderful Reindeer Food made with oats, raisins and wild bird seeds,

Grayson (5).jpg

Wonderful Stars, Reindeer and Snowmen to brighten up

the winter

By Daniel (7)