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January Calendar Dates and Activities

Well, it's almost the end of the year. I'm putting together a calendar for you to print out. This New Year is going to be brilliant. Well as good as you make it.

You will find it at the bottom of the Free Resources Page.

Here are some of the dates for January 1st to the 31st, just to get you ready.

January 1st

Happy New Year to you all.

This is a time for looking back - as well as looking forward.

A time to reflect on what has been achieved and a time to set new goals.

Write down 5 things that you would like to do this year.

(younger children will need help with this as its a very abstract concept)

January 2nd

Science Fiction Day

Paint aliens.

Watch some age-appropriate science fiction films. These can include superhero films, and children's films about aliens, and for the older ones why not introduce them to some science fiction stories?

(January was the birthday of Sci-Fi writer Isaac Asimov)

January 3rd

Festival of sleep day.

This sleepy day gives you the opportunity to take a rest after all the celebrations.

Get the children to take a nap - and take a nap yourself too.

It's also the birthday of JRR Tolkien. (John Ronald Reuel Tolkien)

So after your nap, you could watch the Hobbit.

January 4th

National Trivia Day is observed on January 4th of every year.

Have a search together to find out some interesting facts.

Here are a few to get you started.

A strawberry is not an actual berry, but a banana is. ..

The Sun makes up 99.8 percent of our Solar system. ..

The heart of a shrimp is located in its head. ..

Maybe you could find enough trivia facts to make your own board game?

Today is also National Spaghetti Day.

The origins of spaghetti are disputed. It could have been a homegrown Sicilian treat or an Arab trade route delicacy or was it Marco Polo bringing back the invention from the East?

Whatever its origins, who doesn't like a bowl of spaghetti or a bowl of noodles? So make some today.

January 5th

National Bird Day

The Avian Welfare Coalition created National Bird Day: to raise awareness of the hardships and plights of these important animals.

Draw pictures of birds, find out more about our native birds and search the internet for the most colourful bird.

Twelfth Night

This is celebrated 12 days after Christmas. This year, it falls on January 5. It marks the coming of Epiphany, which is a Christian festival. Did you know that William Shakespeare wrote a play of the same name as Twelfth Night to close the Christmas season?

It's time to take down the decorations and pack them away for another year.

January 6th

National Bean Day

Why not do some crafts with dried beans, you could make a really great picture.

Time to read Jack and the Beanstalk.

January 7th

National Rock Day

Rocks are boring, right? Not so.

Take time today to really look at images of rock formations.

Paint some pebbles.

Go for a walk in the park and see how many rocks you can find.

(this could be an opportunity to get children's interest in geology)

January 8th

Today is the day set aside to celebrate National English Toffee Day.

Eat some toffee.

Help the children make some toffee (but be careful when making toffee because it is VERY hot)

Find out more about the history of toffee - In the booklet

Universal Letter Writing Week starts today. It takes place from January 8th to the 14th.

Who writes letters anymore? But it's something that children need to learn. Text, instant messages, and email are all great because of their speed, but how nice is it to receive a letter from someone? A letter is something you can lovingly keep.

January 9th

Clean your room day.

After all that hard work writing letters now is the time to clean your room. This is not just a task for the children. Give your room a good clean today.

January 10th

Peculiar People Day.

This is a fantastic day and it is our chance to celebrate that bit inside of us that wants to do something different than normal. Remember it is the peculiar people that invent new things and help us see the world in a different way.

Wear what you want today - eat what you want - do something different - tell jokes and act like a clown - and remember you will need a silly hat to really help you feel the oddness inside of you.

January 11th

Morse Code Day

Write your name in Morse Code. Write secret messages to each other. Find out more about Morse Code.

January 12th

Marzipan Day

Make small treats from marzipan. If you don't have marzipan then make some out of salt dough or plasticine. But don't eat these ones.

January 13th

National blame someone else day. Put an empty bottle of milk in the fridge and blame Dad.

National rubber ducky day. Do you still have rubber duckies in the bath? Such good fun.

National Sticker Day

January 14th

Dress up your pet day. But only do this if your pets don't mind. And don't try to dress up your fish.

January 15th

National Hat Day. Don't wait till Easter, make a hat today.

National Bagel Day.

National strawberry ice cream day. Yummy.

January 16th

Do nothing day. Oh, I'm going to like this day after all the activity lately.

Appreciate a Dragon Day. Make a junk material dragon - or make one out of papier mache. Or paint and draw. Who doesn't love dragons.

January 17th

Kids Invention Day. What can you invent today? Maybe a machine to tidy up your bedroom.

January 18th

Winnie the Pooh Day. Read some Winnie stories or watch some of the films. Find out who wrote Winnie the Pooh.

National Thesaurus Day. Confuse the adults by finding different words to use in your sentences.

January 19th

International Flower Day. What a lovely day this is. Flowers are not out in our gardens yet, so this is a good time to make some paper ones. A lovely gift.

Good Memory Day. Get the photos out and remember friends and family.

Popcorn Day. Cook up some popcorn and settle down to watch a film.

January 20th

Cheese Lover Day. Time to get out the cheese board. Or why not try making some of your own?

Take a Walk Outside Day.

Penguin Day.

Why not try and walk like a penguin today?

Find out some more about penguins.

January 21st

Give Someone a Hug Day.

We don't all like hugs, but even if you don't then try your hardest to give someone a hug today.

Squirrel Appreciation Day. You will always find grey squirrels in the parks, but you will be very lucky to find a red squirrel. Find out more about red squirrels today.

January 22nd

January 23rd

National Pie Day. Why not make a pie today?

National Handwriting Day. This is always a hard one for some of us, but we will get better with practice.

Sticky Toffee Pudding Day. Oh, I like this day. Don't forget the custard or cream.

January 24th

Give Someone a Compliment Day. Why not write some compliments on Post-It-Notes and hand them out to members of the family?

Belly Laugh Day. Who has the biggest belly laugh in your family? Can you do better?

January 25th

Burns Night. Burns Night honors the iconic Scottish poet Robert Burns, who wrote the New Year’s Eve anthem Auld Lang Syne. How will you celebrate Burns Night?

Opposite Day. Say the opposite of what you mean today, but don't get in trouble.

January 26th

Australia Day. Australia Day is a g’day, mate, to celebrate all things about the Land Down Under on January 26. We join the 26,000,000 Aussies in their festivities observing the anniversary of the country’s settlement in 1788. Find out more about Australia. Paint yourself an Australian Flag.

Clashing Clothes Day. Today but on clothes that don't match (don't forget odd socks)

January 27th

National Chocolate Cake Day. Make yourself a cake today (or send someone out to buy one).

January 28th

Fun Day. Just have fun today.

National Lego Day. Did you get some Lego for Christmas? If not sort some out from the cupboard and just have fun making something.

January 29th

Puzzle Day. Don't pick one that has millions of pieces.

Seeing Eye Dog Day. Why not find out about these very clever dogs that help people by being their eyes and sometimes ears?

January 30th

National Draw a Dinosaur Day. On this day you can paint and sketch all types of dinosaurs — cute, scary, jovial, wicked and have great fun while doing so.

This is the start of National Story Telling Week. That's not reading stories, but telling them. Pick a story that you are familiar with and tell it to other members of the family. Don't forget to do different voices and actions.

January 31st

Do things backward's day. Now be careful with this one. We don't want any accidents.

Well, there is a roundup of the month ahead.
Don't forget to print out the calendar.

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