We can do Maths 2

Maths can be FUN.


From someone that cried when you asked him to add two number just 11 months ago, to now.

Wow, what a difference. He is now really enjoying maths.

Yes, he is still finding some maths work difficult - but now he wants to try.

He is beginning to understand what numbers and symbols mean. he can now see some of the wonderful patterns and wants to explore further.


A set of Numicon, Blank number lines, Arrow cards, Blocks, Lego or Duplo bricks, A collection of small objects (could be animals, buttons, straws etc), Rulers, Playing cards, Dice, Dominoes, Counters, Blank cards and Post-it notes.

If you have some, or all of them, then we are ready to go.

We are still working at Year 2 level with Tiny and the second week of the new year we are going to do reasoning and problem solving.

But to get back to how he got on last week.

If you are following on along with us, I would love to hear how you are getting on. Pop along to our Facebook group and let us know. To find our group then go onto Learn at home - Facebook page.

Don't forget it is the discussion that goes with the work that is so important to their learning. I will continue to listen for Tiny's explanation of what he is doing and encouraging him to explain his thinking.

To start the week with did some practical work and partitioned numbers. He enjoyed doing this. I was surprised at how well he did, considering that we have had a break over the Christmas period.

He did this very easily and we went on to do other examples.

40 + 7 = 47

7 + 40 = 47

47 - 7 = 40

47 - 40 = 7

All of this weeks work went very well - including the column addition. He was a little uncertain of the subtraction symbol and needed to be reminded.

This week we are going to do various problems like this.

He should just need a gentle reminder about what the symbols mean. He likes to think of the greater than/smaller than symbols as a crocodile who likes to eat the biggest number.

The pennies and the pound question I expect to be a bit harder for him.

We will use our blocks again for this.

Hundreds - Tens - Ones

To make it a bit different I printed out some paper counting hundreds - tens and one's and laminated them. That way we can have as many hundreds - tens and one's as we need.

A bit like this!

To extend the problem, we are going to be adding 1p to each of these amounts.

£2 - 90p - 6p - 50p - £2.49 - £1.99 - 1p - £3.69

We will be needing our cards for this. We will also be exchanging some of our tens for hundreds.

Place Value Arrow Cards

Next we will be using our arrow cards.

If you don't already have some of these printed out - then pop along to a great resource website http://www.brendenisteaching.com/downloads/13-numbers.php

On here you will find much more than arrow cards.

We are going to solve these problems.

Count on in 100's. Write the next number in the sequence...

4642 - 4742 - ______, 5097 - 5197 - _____,

6840 - 6940 - ____ (might need help with this one.

3131 - 3231 - ______ 799 - 899 - ______

Carry on the sequence making it as easy or as hard as you think they can cope with. But remember you are counting in 100's

Talk about what numbers changed and what stayed the same.

Talk about any pattern they might have noticed.

Can you count up in ten's. What number would change then?

Next a bit of playing with number.

Use 3 blank cards or 3 post-it notes and write 6 - 7 - 8 on each of them.

Now ask them to put the cards into a number sentence including one ten's number and one units number.

e.g. 67 + 8 = or 86 + 7 =

How many different number sentences can they make?

How many different totals did they find?

What was the largest total?

What was the smallest total?

Can they talk about their answers? Did they find any kind of pattern?

Now for some adding problems in tens and a bit of puzzle fun.

A key for the puzzle

First of all set a key for the amounts like this. Make sure all the values are 10's

Next, draw up some grids and put the shapes in the spaces.

Puzzle to add in ten's

You can change the images and make as many puzzles as you like.

Now for some word problems.

When presenting word problems talk about what is important. Get them to underline the numbers and decide what operation they need to do.

There are four children playing in the park.

One more child joins them.

How many children are there now?

There are six dogs in the garden.

One dog goes inside.

How many dogs are in the garden now?

Bean-bag buckets

Dan threw 3 bean-bags. Each bag went in a bucket. More than one bag can go in a bucket.

The buckets

1. What is the highest score Dan can get?

2. Find three ways to score 6.

3. Find three ways to score 9.

4. What other scores can Dan get?

Here are some of the questions I will be asking this week. the answers given will give me an indication of understanding of number.

How many 2p coins are needed to make 12p?

Count on in tens from the number 27. Will the number 85 be in the count? How do you know?

(Cards for 17 and 71.) Which of these numbers is seventeen? How do you know? What does the other one say?

Are these numbers even or odd?

Count in fives from 0 up to 30. Which of those numbers are odd and which are even? How do you know?

Now to try out some Year 3 Place value problems.

What is the value of the 2 in 129?

What is the value of 7 in 754?

What is the value of 5 in 656?

What is the value of 2 in 342?

102 = 100 + ___

260 = ___ + 60

387 = 300 + ___ + ___

If he can answer questions like these (which I'm sure he will be able too), then next time we revisit place value - it will be on a Year 3 level.

Going slowly like this has really worked.

This is a fantastic hundred square that is interactive. Well worth downloading and adding to favourites


There are some good games to play on the NRICH website. Here Is one I found for this week.


Don't forget to ask these questions all the time.

How did you solve the problem? How did you decide which information to use? How did you know which calculations to do? Explain how you did your calculation. Could you draw something or use a number line to help us understand what you did?

I hope you join us.

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