Using Puppets

A puppet can be useful to hold the attention of a child. It can become a little friend to share moments of joy or sadness with, or have a laugh with.  It can help your child to communicate. When a child is spell-bound by a puppet they can learn without even realising.

Sock Puppets.

We all have those odd socks in the house. In most homes, No matter how careful you are, the washing machine or the dryer will eat one of your socks. Don't throw them out - Use them to create sock puppets.  When you put the puppet on your hand and add the voice and the movements it will turn into a character of your choice.  Make sure your sock puppet turns into a friendly rather than a frightening character.  You could make a really simple puppet by just putting a sock on your hand and use a felt tip to draw on some eyes or you could make a more elaborate sock puppet. As your children get older they can make their own sock puppets,

Making a simple sock

puppet with your child


What you will need

A sock

Cotton wool or googly eyes

Wool for hair

Felt tip


What to do

  1. Put the sock on your hand, and make a mouth by tucking a bit between your palm and fingers.

  2. Then ask your child where its eyes should be, and stick the cotton wool balls on the sock with glue (or the googly eyes if you have them).

  3. Use a felt tip to draw on a nose.

  4. Cut some wool strands and glue them in place.

  5. Give it a funny name and a silly voice and make your child giggle!

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Have a look at these wonderful creations.

Hopefully they will give you some ideas.

There are some good You Tube video's on how to make sock puppets - Here are links to just two of them.