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Rainforest are one type of forest habitat. They are called rainforest because they get a lot of rain every year which helps all the different plants grow. Some of them grow very,very large.

Rainforest are found in warm places and are full of tall trees and leafy plants. They are so full of life - in fact - millions of plants and animals live and grow in the rainforest. 

Because they are warm, dense and wet, they are so full of life that some plants and animals haven't been discovered yet.

It is very important that the rainforest are protected, not just for the animals and plants that live there, but for all of us. 20% of the oxygen that we all need to breath is produced in the rainforest.

Interesting facts 


The rainforest habitats are in danger. they are getting smaller and smaller each year.

This is because of mining, cutting down trees to use the wood to make things, making space for farmland by cutting the trees down and by building roads.

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Where are the rainforest?

There is more than one rainforest. Where in the world do you think they are?

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Animals of the rainforest.

There are so many animals that live in the rainforest around the world. Here are just a few...

  • jaguar

  • macaw

  • marmoset

  • poison dart frog

  • sloth

  • spider monkey

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What do we get from the rainforest?

Do you think you have anything in your house right now that comes from the rainforest?

What about in your kitchen, is there anything there that might come from the rainforest?

You will be surprised at just how many things in our homes come from the rainforest.

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