Video and App Learning For Free

So, without much warning your at home with the kids and your not sure where to start.

The first thing to do is to search for resources. That can be a long and tiring job. So I have done most of it for you.

Are you at a loss and want some ideas for encouraging learning? That happens to us all sometimes. It might feel even more overwhelming if you suddenly find yourself with the children home because the schools have been closed.

Well, there is always more than one way to help. We have been homeschooling for over two years now and before that, I was teaching in a primary school for over 20 years. I know how difficult it can be at times to get children motivated. Even more so when their routines have been changed so dramatically. As far as their concerned, being home from school means free time. Ask anyone that has been homeschooling for a while.

So what can you do to get them motivated?

Use videos, documentaries and apps for all different subjects for at least part of the day. And that also helps to make their learning richer.

All children learn in different ways we know that for sure. Now children are surrounded with multi media sound - images - special effects etc. Some people say that this has lead to children being unable to focus. That might or might not be true. It could be that they focus in a different way. For some, this is a great way to absorb information. Watching documentaries and You Tube Clips is a very valuable learning resource that we should not overlook. Apps on phones or tablets is another great resource.

But just how do you get the most from film as a learning medium.

1. Watch together and encourage note taking. At first this might prove difficult - but don’t forget the pause button.

2. Talk about what you have just seen or heard. Discussion is still one of the best forms of learning.

3. Learn to jot down key words and dates/numbers etc

4. Read back notes together when you have finished watching. A great way of encouraging recall and developing memory.

5. Finally, write up short articles - reports - instruction text etc to add to topic books or lap books etc.

6. Why not take it one step further and encourage them to make their own information short film. A budding star in the making.

You Tube

Here are just some of the You Tube videos that might be worth a look.


Alpha blocks; phonics and sounds.

Kidstv123; Some great learning songs for the younger members of the family


Science for Kids; All kinds of Science videos for kids to be found here.


Horrible History Channel; Learn more about some of the obscure things in history

Art; Art for Kids hub. This is a fantastic load of videos. We watch this all the time.

I have put together a fuller list on the website - click on the link at the bottom of the page


There are so many documentaries to choose from, but you have to be careful and make sure the content is suitable for the age of the child that is watching with you.

A lot of children cannot sustain concentration for long periods of time. It is often better to watch short extracts, and then maybe watch some more at a different time.

The same as with the You Tube videos - encourage taking notes and talk about what you are watching.

Apps and Computer Games

I will be adding a full list of Apps to the website later.

Don't worry, I'll let you know.

Believe me, you will be surprised how much the children will learn from watching videos. Try some of them out. If you find any really great ones then let me know and I will add them to the page.

Its not all about learning through books.

Here is your link to the Video page, but you will find more links on different pages on the website.

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