Success with self directed learning.

Activity Cards

Tiny has been asking so many questions. He wants to find out about so many things and do so many topics. Over the next few weeks we will brainstorm together some of the topics he want to learn about. Then we will plan the topics together. Using the timetable over the last two weeks has be a really useful way of grandson planning ahead. We have had lot's of breaks in between but still managed on most days to finish what he has planned. Over the next few months we will extend the idea by getting him to plan what he is doing for his topic and giving him deadlines to complete topic work. But for now, sorting out the week and working through it day by day is working very well.


We are still having a lot of problems with his reluctance to write. Each piece of written work takes a lot of effort and needs a lot of encouragement. I thought that we might need to do Literacy first thing in the morning. We talked about it and he said that he would like to do his writing work in the morning so that his hand is not too tired. So now he is arranging his timetable to do Reading Eggs then his written Literacy work before anything else. His OT suggested that we use a angled writing board and to make sure his feet are firmly on the ground while he is working. Good excuse to go to IKEA and buy a new desk and chair.

He wrote a fantastic story over 2 days. He dictated while I wrote one sentence, then he wrote the next sentence and so on. He was very happy to write the sentence ' and they lived happily after.'


Just beginning now to gain some confidence and attempt to do adding and subtracting. Mathseeds has been great for this. He is working a a very low level, but he needs this at the moment to gain a fuller understanding.

He is beginning to enjoy maths, and likes the math games we play. I will soon introduce he to the NRICH puzzles. If we work through them together I think he will find some of them great fun.

He is wearing his watch more now, and is attempting to read the time. Very confident now with half past and O'Clock.

Other Work

It hasn't all been about Numeracy and Literacy. We have done so much over the last two weeks. All of a sudden he wants to know so many things. Questions - questions - questions. "Where does milk come from?", "Can we go a visit the sun?" "How do they make cornflakes?", "How does your belly mash up the food?" and lot's more. He said he wants to do a topic on the body and what's inside us - and he wants to do a topic on planets - and a topic on the seaside. I did explain that we could do all of those things, but it might be better if we plan what we want to find out first. Next week we are going to brainstorm some of these ideas he has for topics, and find lot's of fun and interesting ways of finding the answers. He will discover that he has more questions he needs to find the answers to. It will be up to him what topic we start next.

Our Topic Now

We have started our topic on 'Local Area'. This he has found great fun. He has been looking at maps with his grandad and we have been going out for walks taking pictures of road and street signs, shops, dentist, doctors, parks and almost anything else we can see while we are out. This will be linked to the seaside when we go on holiday in June. Then he will have enough information about his local area so that he can compare the two places.

He enjoys drawing maps, mostly pirate maps, so we will be using the fun element to start to draw some real life maps of where he lives. He wants to know how far away everything is, and whenever we get in the car he wants to know how far we are going to travel. We will use this later for some more maths work.

We have been doing a lot more cooking this week. I was very pleased when his Occupational Therapist confirmed that that would be really good for his motor skills and is encouraging him to use his right hand. Even after just two months she can see a difference in him and agrees that home-schooling is the best thing for him. We still need to work on cutting skills and not being too heavy handed, but were having less mess now and some great cakes - and other things of course, I just like cakes.

Plants are growing well, although he is losing a bit of interest in them now. Hopefully he will feel differently when he starts picking his strawberries and tomatoes. Finishing up the plants topic for Science, so we can go onto the human body.

I can't believe we have only been homeschooling since February and its now the beginning of May. Just over two months and so much work. He still needs constant encouragement to do sitting down work, in particular writing and written maths. Still very easily distracted and short attention span. But he's getting there. I knew it was going to be a long journey because he is about two years behind where he needs to be. It will be a long journey, but not an impossible one.

Reading eggs has been set so it's easy for him to do to help him gain confidence. Now though he is beginning to get to his threshold, and some things are a little more difficult. Hopefully, because we started at the low level he will be able to cope as he is being challenged more and more. So far so good with that.

Mathseeds he enjoys doing, but again it is now coming to the point where he has to think more about what he's doing.

Onward and Upward and looking forward to another great week.

Remember - have fun with your learning and play a lot.

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