Should Children have their own personal website?

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

What is a website - A website is just a group of pages that somebody has put together.

Is it important that our children know more about it?

Yes, I think it is.

A lot of people, including children, think that everything they see or read about on the internet must be true. By creating their own website it will help dispel that myth.

Children nowadays are already technological savvy. They know how to change

from device to device and can work them with their eyes closed. But one thing they need to learn is how to use the Internet responsibly. A solution for this is to use a free website builder.

With a personal website they can create a group of pages that are personal to them.

It could include:

Articles about their favourite sports personalities.

Interest and hobbies


YouTube links

Uploaded pictures

.... and so much more.

Is it safe?

You would have already had conversations about the internet and how it can be a dangerous place. You help them make it safe by reinforcing that no personal address etc are put on the website. Only give the website address to people you know. Monitor their website along with them.

Is creating a website costly?

You and your child can create a free website. Tiny has his own website and it doesn't cost us anything. The disadvantage is the website address is very long. (but that helps because you cannot find it accidentally)

There is a link to the 5 best free website creators on the Teen Zone page.

WIX is very drag and drop based and it will not take your child long to master it.

Allowing them to play around with the design of the pages will encourage graphic design and forward-thinking.

It can be a safe place for teaching them how to share information online.

Of course, WIX is not the only website builder - but it's not a bad place to start.

This can lead to more complicated computer programming once confidence builds.

Why not give it a go yourself. You might find it a lot of fun.

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