Literacy and Fairy Tales 1

Work along with us as we explore fairy tales and write your own. So much learning from this topic using something that children are already familiar with. We will be working at Year 2 level - and above for all our children that struggle in this area

Fairy Tale Fun

Tiny finds writing, spelling and grammar very difficult but he is good at reading. The work has been aimed lower that his age and we will be working at a nice steady pace. I want to build his confidence in Literacy by working slowly.

This has already proved to work in Numeracy, we have already begun to see fantastic improvements over the last few months because we took the learning right back and took things one step at a time.

First, we will talk about how many Fairy Tales we know. I will then ask him to write a fairy tale down on a post-it note. i.e. Billy Goats.

I will write the next post-it note with another tale and so on. By talking the writing in turns, it takes the pressure off. You can point out that these notes do not have to be in super handwriting - as long as we can read them because they are not going to be seen by anyone else.

I will then ask Tiny to pick four of his favourites. This time he will have to think about doing really good writing because he is going to write the four down in his literacy book.

Next I want him to explain why he has chosen these four and what makes them his favourites.

I will then write some of the other down in his exercise book, unless he wants to write some more in himself.

What do these tales have in common?

Next, on a 2 page spread in his exercise book I will write four fairy tales in the corner like this. (These do not have to be from the four favourites that were chosen before).

We will talk about what is the same in these stories.

For example - castle. I will ask Tiny to write the word castle somewhere in the middle of the page and then draw lines from the word to Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and Jack because they all had a castle in them. Next, we will pick another word and Tiny will write it in the middle.

I want Tiny to link this work with his computer work so now I will ask him to start off a Power Point presentation on Fairy Tales and create a front page and a page that looks like our 'what do these tales have in common' page.

List of fairy tale features

Now we are going to think of features that fairy tales have in common and write them as a list one underneath the other.

Introduce bullet points with this if they are not already familiar with them.


* Animals that talk

* Fairy God Mothers

* Witches

* The number 3 (3 wishes - 3 pigs - 3 bears )

* Fairies

* Giants - and the list goes on. See how many you can find.


Print out 2 pictures of any fairy tale characters. It would be a good idea to try and get one good and one bad character to compare and contrast.

Stick the pictures in the exercise book - I will then ask Tiny to think of as many adjectives as he can to label the characters. share the writing if you need to. the focus is on the adjectives.

He can add an adjective page to his Power Point

Newspaper Report Planning

I am going to ask Tiny to write a newspaper report about what happened in the cottage from when the Gingerbread Man first popped out of the oven. But before he writes anything he will need to write notes down on a page in his book.

We are going to talk about the layout of newspapers.

We will then talk about Headings, and sub headings, and how important they are.

We will talk about the use of pictures and the fact that they often have captions underneath that tell us more about the picture.

We will talk about What - Why - When - Where and How and how he can think about these words when he is writing his plan.

He may choose to draw a mind map to help him with his planning. he has used them before for stories - it will be interesting to see just how he intends to put his ideas down.

We will not write up the finished Newspaper report in this session. We will save that for next time.

I think that will be enough for the first week. By the time you add in spelling practice and some handwriting practice and reading that is more than enough.

I hope you follow along with us.

If you do please let me know. I would love to know what parts of this work for you and what part don't.

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