Erupting Paint

Erupting paint is a fantastic way to keep your kids loving Science.

Having the children home in the holidays can sometimes be a bit stressful...

Having grandchildren round for the day can also be stressful...

Don't let it get to that point.

First of all make sure they are looking forward to an activity that they can do later. Get them excited about it. Tell them how exciting it's going to be.

Tell them their going to be creating erupting paint.

You really don't need that much equipment to create this fun activity.

All you need is

* small containers

* paints

* spoons

* baking soda

* vinegar

* washing up liquid

* a tray.

First, put a small amount of warm water into the containers (about half way).

Then stir in about 2 teaspoons of baking powder, a little washing up liquid and a paint colour of your choice (or what you have - you can use food colouring). Stir until the baking powder has dissolved.

Then place the containers on a tray. It's a much better effect if you place two or more different colours next to each other.

Now for the fun bit.

Give the children the magic ingredient.

The vinegar.

I found it best to use the plastic white vinegar bottles as they have stoppers.

Now watch the eruption take place and listen to the excitement in the children's voices.

If you want a printable instruction sheet for this or other fun science experiments then go to the kids zone area on this website.

Have fun.

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