A new store has been added to the site.

Exciting news is that the store is now open for business. I will be selling literacy units of work in six week blocks which will cover all literacy areas of learning for year groups 1 to 6. Different text types will be explored as well as spellings and grammar for the year group. I fully understand that home educators do not have to follow the national curriculum, but in the case of Literacy I believe some structured learning goes a long way.

The first unit for sale will be year 1 (ages 4/6) and will be enough for six weeks and more. It will be sold at an introductory price of £7 with plenty of worksheets and ideas. The book for sale on the website is a PDF version which you can print out yourself. For £1 more you can buy the book from Amazon. Just type in 'Let's do Literacy' and you will find it.

I will also be Adding more content for our younger ones. Let me know what you would like to see.

Don’t forget you can still buy the topic books from Amazon ‘Wonderful Humans‘ and ‘Wonderful Forces and Electricity‘. But there are also PDF versions of bother these books on the new shop on the website that are a little cheaper than the book versions. Each book has over 100 activities for all ages as well as fact pages and lots more.

Visit the website often as I am always adding more links etc.

Let me know what units units of work you would like to see and I will do my best to get them finished next.

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