A Year of Learning

It’s now been a year since we started our homeschooling journey and I am so pleased we did. It is coming up to Easter 2019.

Tiny is progressing well. His confidence has grown and he is now more willing to try things that might prove difficult.

He still has difficulties related to his cerebral palsy such as his mobility and his having to rush to the toilet because he has left it to late because he didn’t feel the signals, his attention span, his reluctance to write, his listening skills and his problems with numeracy. But we take all of those things in our stride now.

He would be in year four if he was still at school with just over one term before he goes up to year five. He would not have been able to cope. When we are stressed - we cannot learn.

When we started with our home school journey he was working at reception level for Literacy and Maths.

He was a good reader so that was a great help to him. But handwriting was a real struggle (and still is), and Numeracy was even worse.

In no way was that the fault of the school. He just was not able to learn in the way they were teaching. This happens to a lot of our children.

Tiny has an extremely short attention span and needs constant prompting and encouragement to carry on with his work.

I am very pleased with his progress in maths. At the start of our journey he would panic if you asked him to add 3 plus 4. He still does have those panic moments now, but he is able to work through it. We have just finished looking at year 2 fractions and he did very well.

Lots and lots of hands on work is what he needs and a reason for doing it.

Writing is is still an area that he has great difficult. He still is unable to write ‘a’, ‘d’, and ‘g’.

We do a lot of shared writing where he writes one sentence and I write the next. He has such a great imagination but finds it hard to organise his thoughts. We’re still working at about year 1 for written work.

We have tried out different ways over the year to increase opportunities for learning.

What I have found is that with all the extra opportunities we have for talking his confidence has grow and his language range has expanded.

We we will continue to make learning fun. That includes working on his very own website - making animation films - making lap books - going out on trips and so much more.

it was the best thing for him and I know that his progress will just continue to rise