20 Ways to help your child become a reader

  1. Read to your child - start early

  2. Try to read with your child each day - or as much as possible

  3. Look at picture books together and talk about what you see

  4. Identify letters in natural settings

  5. Find a quiet place to sit together and read

  6. Re-read favourite books and nursery rhymes

  7. Ask questions about the book/story

  8. Sing phonic songs together

  9. Play rhyming word games

  10. Read poems together

  11. Segment the words and learn the sounds of the letters

  12. Look for words when out and about

  13. Paired reading with your child where you read part of the text and your child reads another part

  14. Find online books to read together

  15. Encourage reading of comics

  16. Read together information text about your child's interest (football - cats - cars - dollies etc)

  17. Read recipes together

  18. If your child has a favourite film find out if there is a book that goes with it

  19. Be a good reading example - let your child see you read

  20. Learning the alphabet is important but it is more important to learn the phonemes (sounds the letter make)

Let you child see that reading can be fun and it can open up their world

"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents." — Emilie Buchwald
"Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks." — Dr. Seuss

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