Spring Crafts

Scroll down the page to find some really lovely Spring crafts that are easy to make

Paper Craft Flowers

(idea by Keith Mccowen Learn at home member)

For Mothers day 
Paper plate and tissue flower and a heart shaped bunch of flowers for a card. Suitable for all ages


Easter Biscuits

(idea sent in by Jodie Bartholomew Oates)

Easter is only a few weeks away. Biscuits with sugar paste icing are easy and fun. We bought small packets of pink, yellow and blue icing from Action this week for around 60 cents a pack. We mixed colours to get some green, orange, and purple too.

We baked some traditional Easter biscuits with lemon zest and nutmeg(recipe in photos) and used small cutters to make basic flower, butterfly and bunny shapes. Cut out card templates if you don’t have cutters, and notice how pretty they are layered up with different colours-just be careful to keep the icing quite thin or that’s a lot of thick icing to eat! You can “glue” layers together just with a little water on a paintbrush. 
Use your cookie cutter to cut a base for your decorations and if you need to roll scraps of colours together don’t worry, you’ll end with really pretty marbles pastels.

When your biscuits are baked and cooled just a touch of water or buttercream will secure your icing decoration to the biscuits.

There are also some beautiful easter chocolates in action at the moment, flowers and chicks, which we plan to use for an Easter cake soon x