Cakes are always good fun to make. And licking the bowl is the best bit.


Georges Yoghurt Pot Cake


Thought I would post this recipe for you all this evening. 

This is a rite of passage recipe for French children to bake their first cake unaided. You use the yoghurt pot for most of the ingredients as the measure. Mine made their first at around age 2.5.

RECIPE ( I have adapted this to UK for you but noted the french too in case you study french with your children)

Oven needs to be around 170 ish. Adult help needed for oven use for small ones.

1 Pot of Yoghurt ( natural full fat or you can use a flavour like strawberry or apricot) 
2 Pots of Brown or White Sugar. 
3 Pots of plain flour
0.5 Pot of Sunflower oil
3 Eggs
1tsp Vanilla Essence
1tsp Baking Powder ( 7.5g)

Un pot de yaourt
Deux pot de sucre semoule
Trois pot de farine
Un demi pot de huile de tournesol
Trois Oeuf
7.5g Levure chimique ( baking powder) 
Deux sachets de Sucre Vanille ( you can buy vanilla sugar in france instead of essence as well)


1) Mix everything together in bowl either by hand or with mixer
2) Tip into a greased cake tin ( We made cupcakes today so adjust baking time but usually great for a large cake - plain or with jam & cream) 
3)Put in Oven for around 30-40 minutes until cooked. 
4) Check its cooked with a knife in the centre which should come out dry.

Mélanger tout simplement les ingrédients!
Enfourner pour environ 30-40 minutes de cuisson.
Vérifier la cuisson avec la pointe d'un couteau (elle doit ressortir sèche).

et Voila!!

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By  Bean age 2

By Peanut (7)

Makes 1 lovely rich cheesecake

Sent in by Jessica (9)

We made a cheese cake yesterday to .

1 tin of condensed milk .

About 15 digestive biscuits

50g of butter . May be a little more

250g Philadelphia cheese and

120ml of lemon juice fresh or bottle. 

1 Break the biscuits into little crumbs. 
2 Melt the butter 
3 Add the butter to the biscuits  mix together 
4 Put biscuit mix in a tin then fridge for 30 min 
5 Mix the condensed milk Philadelphia cheese and lemon all together with a whisk  
6 then put on top of your biscuit 

Then fridge for few hours . It taste better next day . Yum yum

Jessica (9).jpg


By Jessica (9)

Jessica (9)..jpg

Easy Fairy Cakes

Makes 12 cakes

(Prep time 20 mins - Cooking time 20 - 25 mins)

You will need:

  125g Self Raising Flour

  125g Sugar

  125g Butter or Margerine

  2 Eggs

  1. Warm up the oven - 180 degrees/Gas mark 4

  2. Mix the butter and sugar until smooth and creamy

  3. Add the flour then mix again

  4. Stir in the beaten eggs

  5. Beat the ingredients well until smooth and creamy

  6. Put a small amount of the mixture into each of the paper cases

  7. Put in the oven for 20 to 25 mins until the cakes look lightly golden

  8. Remove from oven and leave to cool