A time for change.
A time for colour.
A time for preparing for the colder weather.
What do you think Autumn is a time for?
So what is Autumn?​
  • AUTUMN is also known as Fall in America
  • AUTUMN is one of the four seasons - Winter... Spring... Summer... and Autumn
  • In the Autumn you will notice that on some trees the leaves begin to change colour.
  • Some animals hibernate in the winter so they spend Autumn by eating more to put on body fat so that they can make it through the winter.
  • You might see some animals, such as squirrels, collecting more food and storing it so that they have enough for the winter months
  • Rosh Hashanah (10 September 2018 - first day) Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year and starts on the first day of the month of Tishri. It marks  the beginning of a ten day period of repentance leading up to Yom Kippur.

  • Harvest Festival is celebrated around harvest time. In 2018 that will be around September 23rd
  • Chinese Festival of the Autumn Moon (24 September 2018)
    During September or October at full moon, on the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the festival of the Autumn Moon is celebrated.
  • Thanksgiving (8 October 2018 in Canada; 22 November 2018 in USA) Thanksgiving or harvest celebrations have been taking place in Europe as far back as the 5th century BCE when the Ancient Greeks would fill a goats horn with fruit and grain to give thanks for the harvest. The tradition was then introduced in North America by the european settlers.

  • Halloween is celebrated on October 31st Halloween is an ancient festival, it takes place on 31st October, this is the evening before the Christian feast of All Hallows' or All Saints' Day. On that night it was believed that spirits and witches returned to earth to cause mischief.
  • Guy Fawkes - Bonfire night - This event marks the anniversary of Guy Fawkes’ plot to blow up the House of Lords in 1605.night is celebrated on November 5th
  • Diwali (Divali, Deepavali, Deepawali) (7 November 2018) Diwali (pronounced 'Divali') is the Hindu "Festival of Lights" and is one of India's most important and popular festivals. It falls at the new moon towards the end of October or early November and lasts for two days.

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Fancy doing some arts and crafts. 
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Making leaf rubbings
Printing with leaves
Wool craft apples
Shaving foam painting
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Harvest Festival

In Britain, we give thanks for a  successful harvests, and we have been doing this for a very long time, all the way back to pagan times.

The celebrations the day of Harvest Festival usually include singing hymns, praying and decorating churches with baskets of fruit and food. The festival has some different names - it is known as  Harvest Festival or Harvest Home or Harvest Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving.

In British churches, chapels, and schools people bring in food from the garden, the allotment or farm. The food is often distributed among the poor and senior citizens of the local community, or used to raise funds for the church, or charity.

In the USA and Canada, the festival is set on a certain day and has become a National Holiday known as Thanksgiving.

In North America it has become a national secular holiday with religious origins, but in Britain it remains a Church festival giving thanks to God for the harvest.

When is Harvest Festival?
Harvest is from an Anglo-Saxon word "haerfest" which meant 'Autumn.' It then came to refer to the season for reaping and gathering grain and other grown products. The full moon nearest the autumnal equinox is called the Harvest Moon. So in ancient traditions Harvest Festivals were traditionally held on or near the Sunday of the Harvest Moon. This moon is the full moon which falls in the month of September.

The modern British tradition of celebrating Harvest Festival in churches began in 1843, when the Reverend Robert Hawker invited parishioners to a special thanksgiving service at his church at Morwenstow in Cornwall. Victorian hymns such as "We plough the fields and scatter", "Come ye thankful people, come" and "All things bright and beautiful" helped popularise his idea of harvest festival and spread the annual custom of decorating churches with home-grown produce for the Harvest Festival service.

Article taken from Harvest festival Facts for Kids. Kiddle Encyclopedia.
Things to do for Harvest Time
  • Make a scarecrow
  • Make a corn dolly
  • Paint a picture of a field of wheat
  • Cut out pictures of fruit and vegetables and create a collage
  • Eat some popcorn
  • Make toffee apples
  • Print a picture using cut up fruit and vegetables
Halloween Facts

Halloween is a big part of autumn if you

live in America and its becoming more

popular in Great Britain. 

Here are some fun facts about Halloween:

  • The traditional Halloween colours of orange and black come from two different sources. First, orange is the colour of autumn leaves and pumpkins, which have come to symbolize Halloween. Black is the colour of darkness and mystery, which matches the theme of ghosts and other spooky creatures at Halloween.​

  • Halloween was originally a pagan holiday to honor the dead, and the holiday was known as All Hallows Eve. The date, October 31, is the last day of the Celtic calendar.

  • Wearing masks on Halloween is an ancient Celtic tradition. Ancient Celts believed that ghosts roamed on Halloween, and they wore masks to hide from the spirits.

  • Vampire folklore comes from Romania. Romanians in the 18th century believed that the dead could rise after death by suicide or other suspicious circumstances and feed on the blood of the living.

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