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Whyplay Learning

Learning and Fun

People worry about their children's education whether they are at school or home-educated.

Hopefully, this website will help take some of that worry away.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” -George Bernard Shaw

Learning is a journey - and that journey starts from the moment we are born, and some say even before then. If we are lucky, the learning journey will last for the rest of our lives.


One definition of the word learning is '

The act of a person who gains knowledge or a skill'.  

Play is a very important part of that learning. Not just learning how to pour water from one container to another, or learning to take our first step, but learning the skills we need for adulthood. Through play we all learn so much.

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Why is play important

There is so much information in books and on the internet about how to help your child learn. Sometimes, the more information there is - the more trouble we have finding just what we want to find.  

Helping your child learn is a lot easier than experts like to make out. You already have all the starting points that you need to help them on their journey - it's called instinct. All you need are some ideas to make the journey enjoyable and fun.



And don't forget - Have fun with your child!

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Why not make a lap-book for your topic work. they are great for reluctant writers.
This is what we use for our lap-books. Really easy to use and a lot of fun.
Our children are our most important gift.
Find out how to make your own fantastic clipart - It's easier than you think!
Just watch the video

Not sure where to start making a Lapbook?

Let Tiny show you how easy it is. 

Now available on Amazon.
Science Topic books and Literacy Unit of Work books.
Both the topic books 'Wonderful Humans'.
'Wonderful Forces and Electricity' have over 100 activities in each book. Filled with lots of fact pages and worksheets - more than enough to cover the whole primary unit. 
With over 100 activities in both, you will find enough to do for the science topics for a very long time. These books are aimed at 4 to 12, but you could use the ideas for a greater range of ages.
The Literacy units of work cover six weeks plus planning for Literacy covering text work, grammar, spellings and much more.
front cover.jpg
front cover.jpg

Pop onto - extra for books - to find links to go along with the topic book.

Workbook and printable sheets have been added

Click on images above to be taken to Amazon website.

Dyslexia Support Consultancy.

Help when you need it.

Diagnostic Dyslexia assessments and tuition offered over the south of England.

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